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What Kind of Signs can I order? We make a variety of signs for your business, industry, home or hobby. Saying that we leave it wide open to creativity and needs based on your budget. Mostly our signs are made of Metal, Wood, and Acrylic or use our vinyl-cut signs to adhere to your surface.

What are vinyl signs? Vinyl signs are cut from adhesive backed vinyl films. Plotters cut from vector graphic files to perfection. Vinyl Signs are applied to any smooth surface for long lasting life and make durable outdoor signs. Different grades and types of vinyl are used for different purposes.

What is sign painting? Signs with paint stem from traditional sign making. Lettering enamels or paint is used and applied with a brush, commonly known as a "lettering quill".

What are sign stencils? Sign masking is a vinyl product with a removable adhesive. Designs and lettering are cut by the plotter using vector graphics. The mask is added to the surface and rollers, spray guns and brushes can be used to apply latex or solvent paints.

What are stickers? Signs can be made in the form of stickers and regular sign types of vinyl are used to cut line art. Typically one color but a sticker can have all the colors it needs. Using products designed for harsh conditions, these stickers are great for indoor or outdoor applications. They can also be applied to equipment, tools and machinery.

What are Thermal Transfers? Heat transfers are applied to shirts, hats, bags and more. Some offer the luxury of using a home iron while others need hotter heat over a larger area. Polyester fabrics offer the sublimation process in full stunning color. Great for photos. Cotton and blends can be decorated with plotter cut designs using HTV or Heat Transfer Vinyls. HTV Vinyl design can easily be shipped and applied to your favourite shirt. More complex designs today are printed on special Plastisol receiver sheets, again applied by heat.

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