Commercial Graphic Arts

We can produce small runs in our art studio with our in-house plotters, sublimation printing, and heat presses. Which is great for single-image giftware items. Vinyl Signs are cut as well as garments are heat pressed. Coffee mugs, keychains, pennants, hats and promotional giftware are also available to custom decorate. A good day will see us travelling on-site, involved in painting a sign on a truck or store canopy for a movie set,  or even just an address on a door.

 Working from a private studio, in a retirement setting creating files for print and cut processes. Crusader Signs creates digital artwork for a variety of processes. Ask us to represent your printing needs with any company in North America or overseas. We also supply files for home and hobby sign makers.  If you need a pre-production sample, we do that too!


Commercial Artists prepare artwork for production. Reproducing or digitizing graphics for use in CNC, printers, plotters, lasers, screen printing, pad printing, ceramic and glass decorating, apparel & accessories, stickers and more. Taking original graphics and producing files that different machines accept. All commercial print machines have acceptable tolerances and having a good background in procedures and outcomes is essential.

 Gone are the dark rooms, paste-up tables, cameras and chemicals of the years gone past, today computers take on those jobs, Fine lines, colour shades, bleeds, negative imprints, and colour separations are all completed with graphic programs. Graphic programs allow for vector files to be enlarged and reduced easily while text can be manipulated to create stunning effects. Having strong printing backgrounds helps one understand what techniques in the artwork are needed. 

 Signs created by Commercial Graphic Artists generally have proven techniques to catch the viewers' attention longer and that increases sales. We pass these on to our clients with every order. 

Signs that work hard for you!