Refunds - Warranty - Terms of Use


Although refunds are unlikely with our art approval process, sometimes things go wrong. If you are unhappy with what we produced for you or we have made an error we will issue refunds with our approval. Refunds are limited to the invoiced amount only and we usually ship replacement products at no charge.


Our products all have a normal life expectancy, under normal conditions and considering the material's specifications. Your warranty covered is noted on your estimate and/or your invoice. Should your product be used under normal conditions and fails, we will approve a refund or replace the item. Warranty rates are prorated from the date of purchase.

Terms of Use: 

We understand we can not prevent you from using copyrighted images and materials. We assume what you are sending us is of legitimate use. Either you own the artwork or have permission to use it. By using our site you agree to understand all copyright laws, in the country of use. We do not accept responsibility for use with copyrighted images, trademarks or logo's. We do not print obscene, racist or hate material and images based on their use.


Some signs need a permit, some don't, and most have restrictions on use. This is the responsibility of the property owner and we do not apply for permits on customers' behalf, nor is it included in our services. The purchaser named above agrees to the "Hold-Harmless" agreement/s laws of British Columbia without restriction for Activity, Contract, Lease or Transaction for purchase and/or use of our products.